Injury? Call DLP. Advertising? Call Hello DSA.

One of our most prominent clients is DLP Law. Throughout the summer, we’ve been working on a new campaign for each of their attorneys. We’ll show you the beginning steps of this project and eventually show the complete journey from computer screen to television screen!

We start with a basic storyboard. Each commercial will only be 15 seconds long, so we can only use a maximum of eight slides to get the message across.

dlp blankboard

Then, we take each portrait of the attorneys and insert them into each slide. Because they’ll be holding cards in the commercial, we add hands holding cards onto the portrait to give us a base for our text. We also adjust a few slides to demonstrate zoomed in shots.

dsa blankcards.pngWith each attorney’s specialty in mind, we write a scenario that would prompt a call to DLP (clever puns are a must). We also add in a picture for the customer and then we have our completed storyboard.

dlpfullLucky for us, our client loved our ideas, which means our next step is to get these cards printed and ready for the camera!



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