How to Make a Video

They may say that it’s better not to see the making of laws and sausages, but no one ever said that you shouldn’t see the making of ads. That’s why today’s post begins with the baby steps of making our advertisements into the final products.

Today at DSA, our interns continued work for the Laurie and Lynn social media campaign. When recording video, a lot of white noise can fill the background and distract from the person speaking. Using Adobe Audition, we can remove this noise for crisp, clear, audio.

LL Audition.png

The next step is combining the Photoshop-made question slides with the video from last week’s shoot. All of our video editing here is done in EDIUS, which helps us make professional looking ads. Using some color balance settings, the videos go from plain to vibrant.

LL color.png

Of course, the video would not be complete without background music. After inserting the music file, we can mess around with the volume until we have the perfect balance between talking and the background audio.

LL audio.png

To wrap up the video, our creatives work on clever end slides that relate to each question and answer. Add in the logo for the show, and you’ve got yourself an ad! See these interviews soon, coming to phone screens near you.


Lights, Camera, Advertising

Today was a very active video day here at Hello DSA! This afternoon, we had visitors from the Laurie and Lynn Show come and do a Q and A for their upcoming social media campaign. To prep for the video, question slides were made in Photoshop to be inserted in the editing phase.

interview slide

We set up a white background for the interview so our radio stars could really stand out. With Dan reading questions and Jared maintaining the camera, the questions began.

LL setup crew

LL setup.jpg

Laurie and Lynn’s video shoot could not have been better. They gave us a lot of great material and really gave us exactly what they were thinking (update from last post: Laurie would have John Travolta regardless of the movie).LL in blog

After that, we went right onto video shoot #2. In this interview for our Voluntary Action Center campaign, Dan asked John and Christopher to talk about each other and their experience with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.

Big Brothers interview VAC.png

This video is the first in a series of storytelling videos to encourage more people to engage with and be volunteers in the local community. We incorporated a green screen into this so we can insert a red background to represent the VAC’s main color.

Big Brothers walk.png

We even took a trip outside to film the two playing some games…and were also amazed by the Brothers’ Rubix cube-solving skills.

Big Brothers rubix.pngThese pictures are just from raw footage, so come back to follow these videos through production!

Rain, Rain Go Away: Rainy Days at Hello DSA

The sun may not be out in Scranton today, but the ideas here at Hello DSA are as bright as ever.

Today started with some work on conversation prompts for our upcoming campaign for The Laurie and Lynn Show. These ads will run for six months and will feature two questions each week, which means lots of footage to edit in EDIUS!


We’re asking them everything from their favorite phone app to their choice of John Travolta. (But really though: Grease, Pulp Fiction, or Hairspray?) Keep an eye out for coverage of our video shoot with these local radio personalities.

As it started to thunderstorm early this afternoon, brainstorming began for campaigns for the Voluntary Action Center of Northeast PA.


Summing up this organization in one campaign is a lofty task, but Hello DSA has it covered. We’ll keep you posted on new developments in today’s projects!

Is it Summer Yet?


Sweltering weather and long days are upon us, and the guys and gals here at DSA are hard at work creating exciting new material for our clients. Our resident photo man Jared Sokirka was up this morning at 4:30 a.m. (before the sun even came up!!) to get some golden hour drone shots with his new DJI Phantom 4 Pro for our clients Domiano Chrysler Jeep and their lot of Dodge Ram trucks, duly named TRUCK MOUNTAIN (seriously there is that many trucks). Unfortunately for him, the weather did not cooperate until about 8 a.m., when the sun finally poked out of the clouds and allowed for some gorgeous footage. Even though it was not the sunrise with awesome sun flared and blown out sepia look we wanted, the shots worked none the less and still looked great!


When the sun finally rose, our trusty interns took the footage from the week’s Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine interviews and got to work on rough cuts in the video editing software EDIUS. After cutting out some um’s and uh’s, the videos were ready to go into final edits. Editing a 20-minute interview down to 3 minutes can be tough, but it makes for great, engaging videos. Stay tuned for the final edits!

Medical Clinic

Well hello there.

Welcome to the DSA Blog (or as my father likes to call it, the “log”)

They say if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life, and we stand behind that. We do it all: everything from photo shoots, to TV commercials, to graphic design, to websites and raising yellow labs. We love every second of it. The clientele we deal with is incredibly diverse and so many of them come back for more. We take pride in getting our clients noticed.  We only call it work because we need a term for it – but actually it’s just what we love to do.

Today was a field trip day for Hello DSA. We traveled to Wilkes Barre to Volunteers in Medicine, where we did a video shoot for Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine.


Here we interviewed Dr. Sordoni and learned a lot about her emphasis on community in the medical world (pretty great ad stuff). We shot her interview in the lobby of her clinic and since there was harsh overhead lighting, we turned off the lights and used our own in three point lighting style. After devoting 10 minutes to light the plant in the background just right, we shot the interview, after which we let our interns be patients for the B-roll.

As well as doing documentary shoots, we also do photo work, whether it be portraits for clients who need photos for their website, or taking photos that will later be brought into Photoshop to later be made into print or web advertisements along with some graphic design elements. Shooting on professional Canon DSLR’s allows us to get the best image we can while also being a multitasking workhorse of our stable. Being able to shoot quality video and pictures at anytime is a crucial ability and allows us to work quickly and efficiently.

First blog picture

Here we shot some portraits of the employees of Wayne Evans Realty using what natural light we could, but the gloomy day here in Scranton was not very helpful. To help us get the best quality picture possible, we brought in little extra light courtesy of our overpaid light stand Jared Sokikra. With Dan behind the camera, you can know we got the perfect shot, and the smiles on the clients’ faces say it all: these photos will come out amazing!

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